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Time to Celebrate ten wonderful years!!

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  • I’m so excited! This week marks ten years since I first started teaching Seniors my exercise program from the stability of a chair! I have loved learning from them and teaching them these past ten years! I started as a Activity director at a Beehive home in Pleasant Grove in 2004 and now teach over 35 facilities throughout two counties in Utah. I have a set of DVD’s that were sold to about 700 facilities throughout the United States and Canada, and even a set to Scotland! Many of the facilities still use them and want more. I hope to be able someday to produce another set as well as teach others my knowledge and experience to carry it on and make a difference to more amazing seniors! I love each and everyone of the residents throughout the years. Many have passed on to the other side and I really miss them. So many residents love what I do and look forward to my classes every week, they love dancing and exercising from their chairs. They love the music that transports them back in time to their younger days, when they were with their sweethearts dancing to Glenn Miller and the Big Band music. They love traveling to Hawaii and doing the Hula or to the Caribbean and doing the calypso or waltzing in a ballroom dressed in gowns and tuxedos. I love taking them on a mental journey away from the heartache of getting old and feeble. I love their smiles and enthusiasm! They are great examples of courage, determination, and genuine caring and love!
    I’m So happy to be alive and thankful to have a gift from Heaven that has made a difference in helping Seniors with their fitness goals!

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    1. Catherine Hasson-Gerry says:

      Can this be purchased again…including CD#2, Glen Miller Big Band music?. I’m 87 years old and living in a Retirement Residence for Independent Living Seniors in Midland, Texas, 79705. I lead a daily exercise program and need replacements. This is the most wonderful workout for Seniors I know of. Our Enrichment Coordinator is Jill McAfeee, Address as Follows: Polo Park Estates,
      2100 Castleford Rd.
      Midland, Tx., 79705

      Phone # (432) 682-5772

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    2. Catherine Hasson-Gerry says:

      This is the most wonderful set of DVD’s I’ve used but need a new set. The Glen Miller Big Band CD was taken and we so enjoyed that one, too. I am 87 years old and Living in a Retirement Residence for Independent Living Seniors in Midland, Tesas. I lead a daily exercise program and new replacements…help. Our Enrichment Coordinator is as follows:

      Mrs. Jill McAfee
      Polo Park Estates
      2100 Castleford Rd.
      Midland, Texas, 79705
      Phone (432) 682-5772

      HOLIDAY RETIREMENT CO.-Management Co…This is a great outlet for this type of exercise and really helps. Sincerely, Cathy Gerry

      • Thank you for your interest and compliments. They came at just the right time as I’ve been feeling discouraged and wondering if anyone really liked the DVD’s Also I’ve been waiting to find funding to produce some more DVD’s and now I have your positive uplifting comment to maybe help get me someone to fund my project. I will call your enrichment coordinator and arrange to send you some copies of the DVD’s for just the cost of shipping and handling. God Bless you and I am so glad you love my DvD’s


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