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13 years of making a difference in senior’s lives

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  • In February I will celebrate 13 years of making a difference in senior’s lives.  I love helping them meet their fitness needs as well as their overall well being as they reminisce about the good old days. They love moving to the great music of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s . I loved proving another year that they can dance in their chairs as well as helping them improve their coordination, flexibility, reaction time, agility, and brain power.   I love seeing their smiles and hearing their praises and kind words.  It has been the most rewarding 13 years of my career in teaching dance.

    To any that want to make a difference in their fitness programs please consider purchasing my Teaching Resource Manual.


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    1. Tanya Hickman says:

      Hi Becky, We purchased you book. It has some great information.
      I was wondering if you could share with me a couple of your play lists that you like to use for your classes.

      I have a AL class with frail elders late 90’s- 100 +
      Another class of independent residents that are more advanced 80’s – late 90’s +.

      I know you listed many resources for songs but to go through them takes so much time. So if you could share some of the songs that you like to use, it sure would be helpful

      • Becky says:

        Hi Tanya
        I am so glad to hear from you. It warms my heart that you feel that the resource manual has good information to help your goals of helping your residents.

        With regards to the music playlists, I pick an album that goes along with the theme of the day. I usually just put on the album which has been downloaded to my Ipod and let it play starting with a slow tempo to warm up the upper body and a faster tempo to tap toes and heels and warm up the lower body.then moderate tempos to do the coordination, strengthening, and agility exercises.

        I find one to start with and then either move back or forward to the next song. I alternate the legs, then the arms, with strengthening and coordination and agility exercises,and spice it up by doing the dance steps in between. Then I finish with a slow tempo to stretch and cool down. I usually just push the forward button to the next song I want to use, or just songs that I like with the same tempo and rhythm to just play one after the other. The residents don’t care, and often times welcome the time to rest for a few seconds in between the movements. I usually do between 8 and ten songs for a half hour class.

        With regards to which albums to use, it really depends on the theme of your day. If you are doing Big band,I really like Glenn Miller “Autograph” album. if I come to a song that is too fast for what I want to do I just forward to the next song. You will find it is easier to move to some than others. In the Mood” is a great song to dance too as well as doing the vigorous exercises that use all appendages and get the heart rate going.

        I’ve been doing a theme of traveling and we have gone to Hawaii,(hula) Caribbean Islands (Calypso),Ireland( jig) and Scotland (Highland fling). I really like the album called ‘Amazing Grace” by the Royal Scottish Orchestra, for going to Scotland , 20 favorite polka hits for going to germany, poland etc. For a theme of Famous hits for the 30;s 40;s and 50;s I really like 25 Unforgettable Hits or I just find a album on the I-Tunes with a variety of artists and download it to my I-pod. I just forward it or go back to play songs they and you like.

        I’m thinking I might get someone to film one of my classes and then email it to you in short sections, like the warm-up, etc. I will be using copyrighted music so I can’t put it on you-Tube. but I’ll let you know.

        hoped this helped a little!

        feel free to call me anytime at 801-680-0442

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