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I wish more could benefit from Becky’s Sit and Dance

  • Everyday I see smiles and hear compliments,about how I’m making a difference in Senior’s lives. They love the music and are improving their fitness levels,reaction time as well as their coordination and agility. They are more flexible and their range of motion has improved. Those who take my classes every week are benefiting in so many ways. They are working on improving their brain power by doing movements across the mid-line of the body, and their overall emotional well-being is improved as they listen to the music they love and remember. The music motivates them to exercise longer. They are so amazed when they find out they have exercised, a half hour(skilled nursing, Alzheimer and Assisted living) or 40- 45 minutes(higher functioning).
    But my little circle of influence only goes into two counties and I know it could benefit more throughout the whole country, throughout the whole world.

    I’ve spent hours and hours compiling all my exercises, curriculum,etc. and am ready to spread my knowledge and expertise. I’m celebrating ten years experience teaching seniors! I hope to be able to make a difference through training others and spreading this knowledge and experience, and even help others earn income doing it. To those who are activity directors, recreational therapists, this program can increase your talents, and repertoire. Companies will be impressed that you have so much to give the facilities you work at or will work at! Your seniors will benefit from your knowledge, and training with my workshops. Let’s make a difference for seniors today and in the future!

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