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Atria Senior Living loves Fridays because that is the day that Becky works out “live” with them. They love her enthusiasm and energy. She knows most everyone by name and is always so encouraging and helpful. When we don’t have her in person we will often use her “Sit and Dance” DVD’s to stay in shape. There is just something about her that get’s everyone motivated and moving. She has really enhanced our exercise program here at Atria.

Liz Mason
Engage Life Director

Residents cannot get enough of Becky and her fabulous program of “Sit and Dance”. I know patients look forward to her visit twice a month, and often residents will plan their schedule around when she comes to our facility! Becky has an ability to give patients confidence to stretch themselves in ways they never knew possible, and yet have fun while doing it. Lovely Becky leaves our facility with these residents all smiles! We are grateful for all she does here at Orchard Park!
Jessica Ehlen
Recreational Therapist CTRS, TRS

“Dear Becky, It has been a joy to be in your class,  It is so “ALIVE” Thank you…” Dulcy 

“Dear Becky, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your Sit and Dance programs.  I especially like the music you play. It brings back memories of the good old days when people knew what music was.

“Your exercise routines are very helpful in promoting strength and mobility. I wish you could be here more often than 3 times.

“I read in the newspaper recently that they are finding that physical activity can boost your mood for much longer than once thought it did. I know that I come to your class feeling like a slug and go feeling like a butterfly. Sit and Dance is one of the best things that happens here!”- Virginia

“Dear Becky – …many thanks for all you do for us.  Your cheerful attitude is uplifting to all of us.  I look forward to Wednesdays.  My left “polio” arm raises higher now and I couldn’t previously put clasped hands behind my head-  Pauline 

“Dear Ms. Barraclough ..I enjoyed the exercise class you gave at my sister’s home and feel that you bring a breath of fresh air to the residents. The music, your gentle ways and your smile made the time pass quickly and warmed my heart to see the smile of my sister’s face as she moved the best she could” Denise S

“Dear Becky,  You teach with such enthusiasm!  Your musical selections add to the enjoyment of the classes.  As long as you continue to teach Sit and Dance, you can count on me to remain in your classes, sincerely, Susan R.

“Dear Becky, When I took my elderly mother to her physician he repeatedly mentioned that it was critical for her to get exercise.  She needed it for both her body and mind. However, my mom struggled to walk, because her lower spine caused her a great deal of pain.  We tried several forms of exercise, but the only  one that she really enjoyed was Sit and Dance…” Ginger W.

Dear Becky   I have been with you since you started at Atria.  I look forward to your program each week.  Thank you for helping me keep my limbs moving – Aline

“You have a great impression on how we feel, We feel more comfortable” – Zora

“Thanks for tricking us into exercise. We have so much fun we don’t even know we’re exercising” – Linda

“Your Sit and Dance program has helped my back tremendously.  Besides the fun of it, I can see how it has helped me.  Your music selection is wonderful. We appreciate your warm outgoing, inclusive attitude.  You bring us much joy! – Rosalie

” I appreciate your patience and encouragement to all us “old ladies”. IT is so helpful, you teach us things we can do at home on our own.  You always tell us to know our limitations.  We love the music and love your sit and dance program.-Gladys

“I like to to come and watch Becky.  ….Sit and Dance gets me going in the morning” Vila

” I feel Sit and Dance has helped me so much!  You have helped me strengthen my muscles when I don’t have a lot of mobility.  And it is a lot of fun because we dance to music I love” Margene

” Sit and Dance helped me to learn to laugh at myself” – Arthur

“Sit and Dance is helping my coordination!  I like the way you know all the words to the songs you bring.  I enjoy it all” – Susan

“Sit and Dance keeps me awake and it feels good to move” – Sylvia

“I had never heard of Sit and Dance before, but we really can sit in our chairs, dance and have fun!” – June J.

“Sit and Dance keeps me moving!  I don’t exercise in my room so you motivate me to exercise and stay fit.  It gets my blood circulation in the morning” – Louise

“Sit and Dance has helped me get my hips moving.  Before, it was hard for me to get out of my chair.  Sit and Dance has made that easier.  It also helps my mood! IT keeps me from feeling so down in the dumps” Rhea

“Sit and Dance makes me feel good and gives me energy throughout the day.  IT is fun to still be able to dance at 94″ – Hazel

” Sit and Dance helps me to look forward to something extra that we all enjoy.  IT helps me keep alive and happy! – Irma

“I like the rhythm of the music that you play, it is beautiful! – Venetta


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  1. Stefani Mitchell says:

    I’ve seen your Sit and Dance program and DVD’s and would like to order a few DVD’s for the group Im working with now. I’m not in Utah, so it would be pretty difficult to do sit and dance live, but I know your dvds would be great for the group of Alzheimer’s residents I have now.
    How do I order a set?

  2. Becky says:

    Hi Stefani,

    I will email you tomorrow with the information you are looking for, I’ve had a long day and too tired tonight.

  3. Kathy Kirch says:

    Please I want to order yhour videos.

  4. enter. Dr. John Garrett says:

    Hi Becky! Congratulations on your successful career with the Sit and Dance program! I studied in India last year and I’m now a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. I now teach Laughter Yoga at the following facilities in Utah County: Stonehenge of Springville, Provo Rehab and Nursing, Courtyard at Jamestown, Orem Rehab and Skilled Nursing, Heritage Care Center, and the Springville Senior Center. Which facilities in Utah County do you teach your awesome Sit and Dance classes? Keep up the great work!
    Dr. John Garrett

    • Hi Dr. John,
      Sorry that I haven’t responded till now. I just don’t get on that often and somehow I didn’t see the notice that someone made a comment. But Then again you know how Christmas time is.
      Congratulations on your certifications and being able to go to India!! WOW! what is fun is that sometimes we Sit and dance to Bollywood music.
      i am still teaching 3-5 classes a day in two counties and have been trying in my spare time to promote my teaching resource manual to get others to teach.
      Well, keep up the good work, maybe we’ll run into each other at Orem Rehab.
      Thank you for your kind words and God Bless you.

  5. Ellen Lebowicz says:

    Hi Becky,
    I am 68, still working, but unfortunately have difficulty walking and even standing for any length of time. I’ve been looking at the internet for chair dancing. Your program sounds wonderful, but I was a teen in the 60’s and therefore do not identify with Big Band and other music you describe. We baby boomers are coming down the pike, and from your biography, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are one yourself. Do you have, or would you consider making,videos (and selling) to click on the internet?

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